James and Wade Take Part In Top 5 of League Board

The King LeBron James (LeBron James Shoes) and Dwyane Wade together become the top 5 in Score Board among the NBA League. James said that he and Wade could not lose any point, because that would lead to more lose; and they would play the NBA Game in their own style. James said they had learnt the lesson from the depression during the beginning of the General Season.

It is remembered that when the first time James play the game with Wade for the Miami Heat, most of people think that they won't do the good performance in the basketball figures, because they would sacrifice something each other in order to cooperate well together. So far as the General Season has passed half, the figures for them did not decrease, however, there is an increase in the figures. "We know each other well," said Wade, "We know well how to make the success between us, we should do as what we'd trained, and this is why we can make good performance on the court."

At present, LeBron James (LeBron James Shoes) is at the 3rd place of the NBA League Board by 25.9 points, and Wade at the 5th by 25.1 points. Yes, there is a decrease in their figures compared with last year, but it is not much, just slight. When Eric talks about James, he said LeBron and Dwyane are the great NBA players, they improved themselves well in their career. He finally said, "To them, it is only the time for they know each other and cooperate brilliant."

As everyone could see that the Miami Heat suffered much at the early of the General Season, they got only 9 wins and 8 defeats. James himself also know the reason for that, "I think we sacrifice too much at the beginning. We should go back to the play method that we are familiar with and we should do more attacks on the court."

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