Get The Best Philadelphia 76ers Seats For a Memorable Experience

America has plenty of great American stories to tell of its own but there is no doubt that thePhiladelphia 76ers play a large role in the fabric of the people who stay there. The history of theteam goes all the way back to 1939, which makes this one of the longest established and definitelymost loved teams in the NBA. Some of the greatest names in basketball have strutted the boards forthe 76ers and the team picked up the championship in 1967, 4 years after switching to may not have been hailed the best team in the NBA on too many occasions but on their day,the 76ers are a match for anyone.

Another thrilling season for the team came around in the 1982/83 campaign when the third NBAchampionship was picked up. The line-up of that team can still be recalled by 76ers to this day withHall of Famer Julius "Dr J" Erving lining up alongside Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, Bobby Jonesand Andrew Toney. This was a team who knew how to put on a show and it also ensures that Dr Jwould have at least one NBA championship to look back on when his career was over.

These may have been the glory days for the 76ers but it is not as if these days are firmly in the past.Buying Philadelphia 76ers tickets is a still a great way to watch some thrilling basketball playedat the right pace and with a smile on its face. There are some teams in the NBA who take thingsall too seriously and do not know how to entertain the crowd but that is not something that youcan label at the 76ers. There will be some times when their fans wished they would knuckle downand grind out results but there is always likely to be flair on show if you are watching basketball inPhiladelphia.

The fans have warmed to the up-tempo beat delivered by coach Doug Collins and this has helpedto create a stunning atmosphere at the Wells Fargo Center. There is no doubt that buying WellsFargo Center tickets is a great way to have some fun and root for the team going all out for matter if you are a big 76ers fan or you just like the spirit of the NBA, getting to see a gameclose up and personal is a massive difference from watching on TV. The roar of the crowd andthe anticipation as the ball flies through the air towards the net brings about a sense of fun andenjoyment that can't be matched by other sports.

There may not be star names on show in Philadelphia with the team deliberately avoiding that routebut that shouldn't diminish the basketball fun that is on offer. If you want to see rising stars andbasketball played in the correct spirit, the Wells Fargo Center is definitely the place you need to beand can help you be there.

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