Jeremy Lin Makes Life Better For All of Us

The New York Knickerbockers were one of the original teams when the Basketball Association of America was formed in 1946. The NBA (National Basketball Association) as it is known today has had many great teams and very talented players throughout the years. After many years of struggling, the Knicks finally put together winning teams starting in the late 60's. Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley, and Dick Barnett were the starting five of the 1969-1970 team that won their first World Championship. Earl Monroe and Jerry Lucas were added to the team that won it in 1972-73. Phil Jackson was actually on both teams, but was out with an injured back in 1969-1970.

It has been many years of high hopes, struggling, and quite honestly embarrassment. Well now, finally, there is reason to cheer again. Every Knick fan is now being rewarded for a resilient persistence and an optimism that only true fans can relate to. Jeremy Lin is the new resident superstar in town. Unlike Spencer Haywood, who came to the Knicks in 1975 and was heralded with much fanfare, Jeremy Lin was not expected to make a difference right away. Besides his spectacular play, what is the attraction to this new superstar phenomenon? Jeremy Lin is such a refreshing change of what the NBA has become. He is everything a superstar and role model should be. He is media friendly, well spoken, and does not have a body with tattoos written all over it. Jeremy Lin is just the type of player that would have worked very well under Red Holzman's system.

In just two short weeks, this young man has made an impact that is being felt half way around the world. Besides the fact that he has scored more points than any other player has in his first five games, what is the attraction here? Jeremy is making basketball fun again. It was not too long ago that many die hard Knick fans would be hard pressed to name five players on the team. In a world that has too many question marks, and a country whose trajectory has been on a steady decline for the past three years, Lin gives us hope, real hope, even if only for a Knick team that could win exciting games and maybe win a championship.

Jeremy Lin gives us something to look forward to. We now want to see how the Knicks did last night, if we don't already know. For his first two weeks playing for the Knicks, he was the best player in the league playing in the greatest city in the world. The NBA, and all basketball fans are rejoicing, because we all love a winner. Jeremy Lin is a winner, and he helps to give us all something to smile about. He gives all Knick fans hope for a future and great spectacular basketball in each game. Knick fans have been thirsting for a winner, and now they have one. Jeremy Lin is not just a spectacular basketball player, he is a true winner, and our lives are just a wee bit better for it.