Technology Even In Shoes

Yes, technology has spread its foot everywhere, including shoes. You can find variety of shoes - for e.g. those containing lights, massager, bouncing power, ipod support and much more. They are also made to give appropriate support and balance in various sports - an e.g. is Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks were originally made for basketball players similar to their Jordan Shoes (Jordan Shoes after the name of popular basketball player Michael Jordan ). But they are now used as an icon of fashion, art and culture. Nike Dunk has a low profile outer sole than the original counterpart. This makes the shoes lighter and stays closer to the ground in the game. It also features a nylon tongue and an excellent arch supports which prevents fall.

They are extremely successful in the sports player. Dunks are also popular among Skaters due to high stability and low profile sole which improves grounding performance. Because of this, Nike released a special version for skateboarders - Nike SB Dunk, which included an extra-padded tongue and Zoom air insole.

The Nike Dunks became popular all because of technological implementation, attractive design and comfort. The are very popular in US, Europe, Japan, Korea etc. They are much cheaper on online stores than retail stores.